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I am a single happy go lucky 39 year old born and bred in england. I like to be sociable and meet interesting people, and my job helps me do that. I particularly enjoy those who are more optimism as i am a very optimistic lady myself.

Saturday, 18 April 2009


Walking out alone for hours it feels nice and warm with a cool breeze on my skin, in my head i am singing a tune the birds are singing there songs i sat on a bench under a tree to rest and began day dreaming away, as the night drew in i looked up to the sky and see a bright star i close my eyes softly and make a good wishthe next thing i see is waking up in his arms, we share a close cuddle and a soft loving kiss feeling lost with extasy we tenderly make love.

our day out together we head for the station cuddled all the way smiling and laughing as the sun shines strong our way, doing lots of things together exploring the area and finding a place to have a nice drink we sat close together holding each others hand and kissed we stayed like that for ages it felt like no one else exsisted i was lost in him and he to me

time to head back for the day is almost done we walk past the beach to cath the last moments of the sun we came to a stop hearing some relaxing music he took my hand and pulled me close looked into my eyes held me at the waist and kissed me passionately i closed my eyes

opening my eyes after the kiss he was gone i had fallen asleep on the bench under the tree it was all a dream but it felt so real and a moment i wanted to last forever.

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