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Wednesday, 15 April 2009


Unlock Your Dreams "Dream to Live - Don't Live to Dream"Dreams, we all have them but not all of us recall them once we wake. But we all have the ability to remember our dreams, discover their dream meanings and learn from them.DreamsDreams are a way for your subconscious mind to express it's self, solve problems and hopefully connect with you in the only way it knows how - Through the use of symbology and emotions.Dreams can be wonderful, exciting, extremely vivid and full of emotion.Dreams can also take on bad qualities and rapidly become a nightmare that seems just as real as your waking life. Whatever the case, dreams are there to tell you something. Dreams are begging you to interpret them and find their hidden meaning.Before we set off on this adventure into our dream worlds, there are a few things we should ascertain and ask ourselves first. Here is our checklist -Is your dream about an event or occasion that has just happened to you in your waking life?Was your dream influenced by anything you may have eaten before bed that night?Are you being alerted to an illness or injury in your dreams?Are you living out your worst fears in your dreams?Are your dream teaching you lessons such as relationships, connections to loved ones, survival techniques, conflict resolution, reconciliation and so on... ?Is your dream about your highest aspiration?Learn how to Analyze and Interpret your dreamsThe method we use and will outline on these pages is, from our experience, one of the easiest and more effective ways to remember, analyze and interpret your dreams. As you follow and put into practice the procedures outline here you will grow more effective at dream recall and in time your success rate will rather dramatically improve. See Dream Dictionary Analyze.Dream interpretations and the meaning of dreamsOur brains are in constant activity. Different states of consciousness (like awake, asleep, alert, drowsy, etc) cause different brain wave activity and higher or lower brainwave frequency. Our conscious mind, or our waking mind, only used a small percentage (some say this is only 10%) of our brains total capacity. Other areas of our brain control things like breathing, heartbeat, converting light to vision, sound to hearing, balance when we walk, etc. etc. This too has it's own percentage (small). Another area controls imagination. This area is widely an undiscovered frontier.Imagination is much more than simple daydreaming. It is creating an idea, exploring possibilities. When you look at clouds and see shapes, or wood grain and see images, this is the "order from chaos" part of your imagination. The mind cannot deal with chaos very well and will resist it as much as it can even if it has to fabricate or make you believe there is order when none exists.Your Dreams are there to Help YouNow we come to the meaning of dreams and dream interpretationsDreaming occurs in the subconscious mind, well away from the control of the conscious waking mind. However, at certain parts of the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) cycle of sleep, the conscious mind gets to see what the subconscious is doing and records what is views in memory. To the conscious mind, what it is seeing is just as real (sometimes more so) as anything it experiences in the waking world. If fact, most of the time it believes what it is seeing and feeling to be real.What you experience in the dream is your subconscious minds attempt to communicate something to you, asking you to find meaning and interpret your dream. Many times your mind is processing such things as trauma and problems in your life at that time, truths you are denying yourself or refusing to accept, spiritual growth, beliefs, psychic intuition (we ALL have this to a certain degree), communications from a higher being (GOD).Dreams are easily influenced by factors in your life and spirit, and these influences create "categories" that are almost infinite. We do broadly categorize them in terms like "prophetic, standard, physical and nightmare" (to name just a few) And these we study each their own, in order to gain benefit from them.I look at it this way: Our mind and spirit together with our brain, is actually the greatest computer ever devised! To understand it's "back of the house" processing is to learn more about ourselves, God, our future and each other.Many things can be gained from dream interpretations, such as better health (mental and physical), entertainment and even financial gain! (dreaming of a invention or idea) Now that you know some of the basics about dreaming and what (theoretically) dreams are you should have a better grasp on how to understand and use your dreams.Your dreams are rich in symbols and metaphoric meaning, and therefore are an extremely important healing instrument. If regularly used and understood, dreams can heal relationships, restore health, correct your life's path and purpose, and enrich your life in so many ways. While a dream dictionary may provide insights into the meaning of a dream, they do not possess the complete capacity for accurately interpreting your dreams. Your dream symbols are aspects of you and you possess the ultimate ability to interpret them. Having said that, this dream site will give you all the tools and information you need to understand your dreams and unlock the mysteries and the meanings of those dreams.How to Spot Your Dream ThemesLook for dream themes while recording your dreams in a dream journal. A dream theme exists within each dream and can be found by focusing on "action" words that you use while recording your dream. When you describe your dream in your dream journal, write exactly what comes to mind without thinking or analyzing. Then after your dream is recorded, read it over. Read your dream allowed to yourself.For example, a person I know told me this dream - Her mentor was in an accident and my friend saw Tom (her mentor) being thrown around in the car as it rolled down a hill. The next night Tom was in a house as it burned down, she could see and feel the flames dancing around Tom. This continued a few nights until one night she dreamed she walked into her living room and there was Tom, unharmed and smiling at her.She felt such relief but at the same time she felt silly for thinking he was killed. Using action words or verbs to describe her dream helped her to define a theme such as, Tom was rolling out of control, the flames were around him and there was no way out, she felt silly for thinking he was harmed.... By identifying the theme, my friend, who is on a spiritual path of growth could see that this dream was not about injury or death, but about her own inner self, and that no matter what life threw at her, she was going to be just fine.Dream meanings is a wide field. dream meanings is covered in psychology and is heavily involved in the way the mind works and communicates with us. Dream meanings come from the graphic way the mind works. Dream meanings are the only way the subconscious mind has to tell us things deemed to be important for our development. Dream meanings are with us all. We all ahve dreams and so we should know there dream meanings. dream interpretations are also an interesting firld of endeavor. dream interpretations covers a wide scope and it is fascinating to note that most dream interpretations are vary universal in nature. dream interpretations are a valid way for your mind and as some will say, spirit, to communicate with you.Dream interpretations can unlock so much of yourself.Dream meanings and dream interpretations are the way for us to connect to our inner and or higher self. It is through dream meanings and dream interpretations that we learn. Dream meanings and dream interpretations are an excellent way to discover ourselves.


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