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I am a single happy go lucky 39 year old born and bred in england. I like to be sociable and meet interesting people, and my job helps me do that. I particularly enjoy those who are more optimism as i am a very optimistic lady myself.

Monday, 20 April 2009

my day at work to home

It was a busy day at work emtying all the trash in the visitors rooms changing all the sheets on the bed cleaning the rooms to a state where you would think noone has been in the room.
time to go home and after having had my meal i took a shower and after feeling clean i went to my sleeping room to brush my hair daydreaming away he came to the room gave me a sexy smile and came up behind me he put his arm around my waist and kissed my kneck leading a soft gentle sway my head fell back on him and his hand slowly traveled up to my breast.
tension strated to build breathing started to become heavy my hand dropped the brush to the ground and my hand was free to found its way behind his kneck the other hand i placed on his leg and was slowly rubbing it way up and down toards his groin. i slowly turned around and began to kiss him in a very slow sexual sensual way then passion overtook and before we new it we removed each others clothes and we were lost in extasy making love. my whole body began to tremble breathing heavier and faster and as a powerful erruption built to explosion we collapsed in each others arms and contiued to kiss.

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