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Sunday, 11 October 2009

dedicated to lisa

i not blog for long time now bin stuck also i not had long enough to think also i bin stuck for words now but i had my best friend to help me but i right about her today.
my best friend name is lisa we cum good friend in high school we done everything together
she always there for me and i also for her to me lisa was more than just friend we fell out loads of times also but our hearts found each other again everytime. i love her so very much we was closer than your bum on a chair lol my lovely lisa sadly pass away this year due to a freak car crash this is first time i speak to world but she deserve this post also she was so verry young to go i feel lost without her in my life now she on my mind too much still and my heart also crying for her to cum back. i just want to say if you hav sumone that you are close to and care for always let them know you do love and care for him or her everyday like me and lisa did as it helps keep love strong than not to say word to love one we can all go anytime i may go on to find new friend but i never forget my lovely lisa i love you so much lisa i miss you heaps and heaps you live forever in my heart xxxxx and this song i leave for you all now you may hav to copy this link to your web but this is so true if sumone you know die tomorrow would he or she go knowing you love verry much please listen to words and tell your mate how much you care and love thank you for reading my post

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